Let's Get Back to Art..

Let me begin by saying that I'm blessed, and love my family and truly enjoy romping and exploring with the twins. But, as winter drags on and we are still cohabitating with parents, I'm finding myself in serious need of escaping reality, and drug use and RPGs don't fit in with my lifestyle. My old standbys - reading and art - both take that precious thing that I don't have anymore: free time. Travel is expensive, and chocolate only goes so far. So basically if something takes between 5 and 10 minutes and can "take me away" (but not literally, and not completely) I'm up for suggestions. I would love to add some online comics to my beloved and oft-visited (but sadly, not regularly updated) favorites: achewood and Hark, A Vagrant! I have also recently been trolling interior design blogs and dreaming of the day I have a house (or apartment, or any personal space) to decorate: Houzz has a kajillion pics and you can make a virtual scrapbook of ideas you like for later. My other guilty pleasure is checking for fresh art on the Daily Painter's Blog. It's not all good, but it reminds me that it's important to do "excercises" every day, even if it means busting out small sketches or digital doodles. Someday when I have time again, I may come back to the ideas..I would LOVE comments directing me to similar websites, especially artists' blogs. I do love to read parenting blogs, and if you don't know about Babble, then I recommend checking it out - but it doesn't get me out of the here and now, so to speak. Other than that, I'm just really enjoying a good cup of tea these days... Side note: I do like "funny" sites, cheezburger et al,  but when I'm done spending 5 or 10 minutes on them I can't help but feel I've been wasting my time. I don't know why, but reading comics doesn't feel like a time waster - so really, any suggestions would be appreciated, and I hope I gave you guys some inspiration!

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