Personalities Emerge: Twins as different as can be.

I knew they would be different - they are as different as their curly and straight hair would lead you to believe. I never expected to be raising two of the same person. Yet even as infants they were not just dissimilar, but opposite in nearly every respect - eating, sleeping, cuddling, etc. As they have grown I've loved seeing their personalities burst forth -  and while they are a long way from "set," I can already give you a few observations about them:

August- Sensitive, studious, and gentle with a flair for the dramatic -a truly free spirit, he already marches to his own beat. Possibly a lefty! Easily attached to people, toys, rocks he picks up off the ground, etc. Loves animals, books, hats, rainbows, and skeletons. Favorite foods: Kiwi and all types of pasta & bread. Tends to be a picky eater at the moment. Spirit animal: the koala bear.

Josie - Fearless, Independent, energetic people-pleaser with a mischievous sense of humor. Loves Play-doh, bellybuttons, stripes, and shoes. Also loves telling her brother "NO NO Augie!" Favorite foods: Bacon, pickles, and anything sweet. She will try just about anything, actually. Spirit animal: the river otter.

I'm hoping they will learn to be each others' yin and yang, and that their special twin relationship benefits each as they grow. I can see Josie encouraging August to be more confident and outgoing, and August helping Josie slow down, focus and observe. For now, though, I'm just waiting for the day when my dynamic duo finally get the hang of SHARING!

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  1. You got yourself a "highway" and a "country road"! Good that they can use their individual personality strengths to help the other!