Hi, I'm J'aime - a fine art painter, world traveler, lover of all things food & cooking, and first-time stay-at-home mother of boy/girl twins, August & Josephine. My husband Matthew is a photographer, and we are starting out at our most humble. I hope to enrich your lives with intriguing glimpses into ours as we try to live the dream: raise thoughtful, cultured, ecologically-minded kids who become happy, self-sufficient adults while building a business we are really passionate about. 

Anyway, It's my first time being at home with kids and I figured I would try to "get a life" by blogging about it, and building relationships in the mom community - especially moms of multiples, who feel my pain. When I was pregnant and searching the web for twin blogs I wondered why there were very few, or they were just about older toddlers...now I know. You don't even have time to take a shower let alone sit down and write for ten minutes! Now that the kids are *sort of* on the same schedule (more on this later) I am able to snatch time for myself throughout the day, I could really use some "adult conversation."

Let me briefly introduce the twins: August and Josephine are 8 months old and as different as pie and cake. While they both got their father's big brown eyes, the similarities end there. August is a sensitive poet who sings heartfelt odes to his blocks and stuffed birdies and is delighted by all animals and jewelry. "Fussy Gussie" has a hare trigger, and can be either the sweetest little thing on God's green earth or a sobbing mass of pathos that must be held immediately. Josephine, the "alpha baby," takes her business quite seriously, which, as far as I can tell, includes grabbing objects, (especially objects her brother is mouthing,) raising them over her head with both hands, hitting them on the table two or three times, giving them a thoughtful chew, and then moving on to the next object. When she laughs out loud, which is rare, it sounds almost maniacal and seems to be for reasons known only to her. Things Josephine has found hilarious include: the stairs, her brother's hair, and my watch. In all seriousness, they are just starting to entertain each other a bit, which is how I have time to blog, and it's delightful to witness. I will try to catch it on video for you. 

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