The Joy of Travel

Ok, I haven't updated in awhile - as it turns out, I don't have as much free time as I anticipated - what a surprise. We've had some snowstorms and other interesting developments. The most important of these would be this: we finally got the babies into their own room, and kind of halfway sleeping through the night! Ok, they wake up twice, (which means I'm up four times) but it's at like midnight and 5:30 AM so it's better than it was. I'll take it!

We're slowly learning to self-soothe - no more bottles right before bed - the  pediatrician reminded me of what I already knew - if they think they need food in order to go to sleep, they will keep waking up and asking me for it instead of just putting themselves back to sleep. It's much more difficult than it sounds, though - we still end up nursing in the middle of the night, even though they are "technically old enough to not eat during the night."

Anyway, we've gotten some more teeth, and what appears to be our first colds- no doubt brought home by Daddy. Just some snotty noses and crankiness, though, not too bad so far. I'm just keeping them hydrated and sucking out their noses with the little squishy bulb thingie they give you at the hospital- they are not big fans of that, but it works.

The big news is - we have some vacation time that is "use it or lose it," so we're taking the big plunge and doing our first family vacation! Four days in Chicago - it's about a four hour drive, we'll be visiting friends (some with new babies!) and our favorite restaurants. I've been dreaming of the bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) at this little place near Lincoln Square called Nhu Lan...and of course we can't wait to visit Hot Doug's Encased Meat Emporium.

This will be our first venture anywhere so far, so there are a lot of things to consider. I know the babies aren't at an age where they understand or appreciate the concept of "travel," so to them it will be the inconvenience of an interrupted routine. I'm going to try to make things easier by making a couple stops along the way to get out and stretch our legs, as well as time the trip so that we leave during the first naptime - we might get an hour or two of sleeping that way.

Then, when we arrive, staying in the same place and setting it up to be sort of familiar will be key. I'll have to update to tell you how it went, so for now I'm nervous and excited about it. We're switching to paper diapers for the whole time, and I guess I'll bring the food mill and a whole box of Cheerios - whoever invented those deserves every penny they get from them. I think Cheerios could keep them entertained and quiet indefinitely.. not sure if i should bring jarred baby food or not - at this point they are eating finger foods, and get kind of upset when presented with puree from a jar (can't say that I blame them...they are used to the taste of taste now) so we'll see how that goes. Also, the crying at night might stress me out if we're in a hotel - I am also nervous about being out and about in the snow, taking the L train, and a bunch of other things - any tips or advice on travel with twin babies is appreciated! I know it will be a learning experience, and I hope they do well...wish us luck!

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